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EB-5 Visa For The USA

EB-5 program for the USA is the employment-based program sought by US Green Card pursuants who wish to establish a business enterprise in the US. While it can be really lucrative to have a business enterprise in the USA but the minimum investment requirements and fulfilling the post-visa requirements are mandatory and not a child`s play, for sure. Immigration consultants at Stallion Immigration Pvt Ltd provide you the true picture of your EB-5 visa expenses and pre and post visa requirements so as to help you make the right move.

Business Immigration advisors at Stallion Immigration Pvt Ltd bring key concerns areas to your notice that require your immediate attention, before you decide to make an investment under the EB-5 Visa. Our immigration experts for EB-5 visa assist you in making the qualifying investment and filing the I-526 petition with USCIS.


When you apply under this category, you must be aware that in case of an application denial, expenses occurred on transfer of foreign exchange might be irrecoverable. Even the investment amount is returned after essential deductions. This does not mean that you should hesitate from opting for EB-5 Visa. Our immigration consultants assess your case prior to filing your EB-5 application that saves both your time and money by avoiding unnecessary denials.

Usually, the administrative fee charged for processing of EB-5 application is USD 500000. A conditional status is granted for two years after the approval of your EB-5 application. However, like other immigration programs, simply qualifying through the pre-visa and minimum investment requirements is not enough. Consult our EB-5 immigration visa consultants today to know about the post-visa requirements that you and your business enterprise in US must fulfill, in order to get an unconditional US Green Card. There is no escape from qualifying through your post-visa requirements, so consultation from our US immigration experts is definitely the least you can do.

Selecting the appropriate regional center project is also a subtle task under this case. Take advantage of expert knowledge and years of experience of our EB-5 immigration visa specialists. We will assist you in choosing the best regional center project that can work to your utmost advantage. Fill ou

Free Assessment Form at the earliest and see what our experts have to say about chances of qualifying for the EB-5 visa.

If you think you may not qualify through the EB-5 visa requirements, you need not lose heart. We can also offer you advice on alternate popular immigration program like Canada Immigrant Investor program that has comparatively easier eligibility requirements along with an unconditional permanent resident visa from day one of your Canadian landing. So, you may begin by setting up a business in Canada that eventually paves your way for an American investor after some time.

Any seasoned businessmen and investor interested in establishing a business and settling down in the U.S. is advised to review comparison drawn by our immigration specialists between the Canada Immigrant Investor Program and EB-5 Green Card to USA, before taking the final decision.

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