Top Producing Real Estate Professionals Use Podcasting To Grab More Prospects

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Choices are highly available for Realtors when we discuss real estate agent marketing tools. Some of these real estate agent marketing tools will help you expand your prospects while the others will not be able to help you at all and your money wasted.

Making you look like a real estate VIP in your location, getting your possible client’s full attention and making them as your client 20 times faster is one of the essential marketing tools for Realtors.

The marketing tool being referred to is Podcasting. Being able to know how Podcasting works does not necessarily mean you need to have your crafts upgraded technically.

To give you an idea on how Podcasting works, imagine a radio show on your website.

Recording episodes on real estate topics is possible through podcasting and after downloading topics on these, would-be clients can download and hear out to those topics. A medium in allowing end-users in listening to podcasts nowadays is through iPods and other mobile gadgets.


Without even buying any studio equipment, podcasting is almost like your very own radio show. Having to listen to podcasts is simply amazing to consumers for this allows them to listen and download at their own convenient length of event without the need to follow the radio station’s schedule of shows.

No extra cash purchasing is seen with podcasting but with marketing tools, real estate agents needs to be doing that. Initially getting you hitting the road, there are tools that you will be needing such as microphone hooked into your computer and a software.

Be aware of what marketing tools can do when purchasing them for you as a real estate agent so this is what the real score on podcasting is all about. One great thing about podcasting is that you can post your podcasts in other websites thus driving these people to your own website creating traffic.

When you have podcasts, all your prospect has to do is look for them, download the files then if they appreciate it they will definitely visit your website. This is similar to YouTube’s concept of video watching and if they like the videos in YouTube, they will download them.

What are the items that you need to do with podcasting so you will automatically become an instant celebrity? A wonderful citation is by creating mini-series’ about “first time home buying.”

When purchasing a house for the first time, outline the topics and method on how to buy it, split these into individual episodes and for your podcast, record these episodes.

Other ways on how you could get started with podcasting is by inviting some people involved in marketing for interview. Turn these into podcasts by interviewing your home inspector, appraiser or even your loan officer.

Great information provided to possible clients will make them search for you over and over again. They will surely want to work with you because this is the type of information they want to know.

Podcasting does not mean you have to be like a radio professional. You don’t have to be one. Just do the recording, provide great information so your prospects will notice. Nervousness can kill you so don’t let it get in its way.

Make a mistake and you’re done. Wrong! With podcasting, mistakes are a given fact. What should be done is edit and record again. That’s how convenient podcasting is. Are you thinking that this might not be your thing? Maybe yes. But just imagine what this can do to your career. It may even launch a thousand ships.

Now, there is a possibility that your income will double and your new clients popping up. You will change how possible clients may look at you. Other realtors will still be handling out business cards while you are setting a new trend.

Those performing on TV shows, movies and even the radios are looked upon very highly because of them being an expert in their field. This is actually without exerting any effort or casually thinking about it. You can also experience the same if ever you will use podcasting as your real estate agent marketing tool.

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