Assisted Living Englewood Is Serene And Peaceful Residence For Elders With Dementia Disorders

Assisted Living Englewood is Serene and Peaceful Residence for Elders with Dementia Disorders


Tom Littleton

Liz Littleton was not even aware when she started a nursing career that she will be the owner and administrator of Lighthouse Assisted Living. Destiny pioneered her nursing career for more than 11 years and she had a wide range of nursing jobs like Pediatric ICU and Hospice nursing. Somehow, Hospice nursing made her realized that people with various types of dementia disorders required small homely atmospheres and caregiving environments that large institutions can never offer. That is the time she met Tom Littleton, an M.B.A. graduate. He wanted his own business with a social cause and Liz and Tom understood that they were on the same path. They got married and started Lighthouse Assisted Living in Centennial. Other homes in Centennial, Littleton, and Englewood followed, with seven assisted living Englewood, Centennial, and Littleton homes becoming operative in a short time.

The Lighthouse Assisted Living homes concentrate on providing health care and assistance to elders afflicted with various types of memory disorders like Alzheimer s disease, Parkinson s disease, stroke, memory loss, and disorientation. The major reason for Liz and Tom to concentrate in this field is the Hospice nursing that Liz underwent in her formative days and the eagerness that she developed to help such people who required constant attendance and assistance. The assisted living Englewood home is located in Emporia House, 6318 S. Emporia Circle, Englewood 80111. This home as well as the other six homes offer a wide range of services to people suffering from dementia related disorders, with a high ratio of staff to patients and high quality senior services, with the motive of Excellence in Senior Care .


Each home is purposely small for maximum individualized care to the inmates, with only about eight residents in each home. All the homes follow all the city and state licensing codes for zoning and fire safety. All the staff members undergo a thorough and stringent background check before Liz and Tom hire them, since elders have to be treated with utmost respect and dignity and their occasional behavioral outbursts have to be handled with maximum sensitivity and empathy. Liz and Tom hire only the best in the caregiving industry so that the seniors in their homes get the best healthcare and assistance that they deserve.

Assisted living Englewood and the other six homes in Centennial and Littleton are licensed by the Health Facilities Divisions of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and they inspect the homes periodically to ensure high quality care giving to elders suffering from dementia related disorders. The specialty of Lighthouse Assisted Living homes is Hospice services or end of life services when cure or care is not possible anymore to enable the elders pass away in peace. Liz and Tom ensure that the physical and emotional pains of the patient and the family members are taken care of with dignity and utmost respect when the end arrives for the patient.

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