Agent Dealing In Bahamas Rental Property Tells Why Bahamas Real Estate Holds Value

By Rachel Pinder

NASSAU, BAHAMAS There isn’t a lot a homeowner can do to protect themselves when housing prices slip. Often, the only course of action is to ride out the tough times and hope that brighter days are ahead.

But what if an investor could purchase a home in an area where property values seemed to be insulated from tough economic times? Of course, nothing is fool-proof, but Bahamas real estate has a long track record of maintaining healthy property values for homeowners and investors.

Rachel Pinder, principle broker of Island Living Real Estate, a Nassau, Bahamas rental properties resource and real estate agency, said there is a number of factors that make Bahamas homes for sale an investment that does more than hold- it increases in value over time.

One reason is the country’s tax structure. Bahamas homeowners pay no capital gains tax when reselling their property, Pinder said. They also dont pay taxes on dividends, corporate earnings personal income, inheritance and sales.

Another factor that plays a role is is the fact that the Bahamas is an island nation.


“There are limited resources,” Pinder said. That means that high demand helps drive prices up.”

There also is a strong demand for Bahamas rental property. People looking to invest in houses or Bahamas condos for sale have practically endless opportunities to generate income from their properties when they aren’t using them for personal use. People frequently secure short-term vacation rentals in the area, and a high number of ex-patriots who come to the Bahamas to work for international companies are in need of rentals.

The private banking industry is well-established and essentially is minimally affected during times of global recession, which is another factor that weighs in favor of investors in Bahamas properties.

Finally, the Bahamas remain a prime tourist destination, due to the crystal blue waters surrounding the islands that present myriad opportunities for fishing, diving, boating and other activities, Pinder said. Ten golf courses in the Bahamas, coupled with year-round beautiful weather make the islands a popular golf destination.

About Island Living Real Estate

Rachel Pinder is the principle broker of Island Living Real Estate. Along with her team of brokers, Hazel Wicky, Brenda Knowles and Anthony Wells, the company has more than 25 years of experience in real estate sales and development throughout the Bahamas.

Island Living has Realtors available to assist buyers and sellers with all their real estate needs.

Island Living’s main office is located in one of Nassau’s oldest historic buildings on Bay Street, named Red Roofs.” Red Roofs was built in 1896 and has been home to various families, a Gourmet Deli and now Island Living.

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